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The realization of high-performing Optical Coatings

Our coating capabilities

Good optical coatings allow to improve significantly the overall performance of optical systems and special attention should be given to the coating constraints during the design of high-performance optical systems

The R&D department of Lobre designs and creates advanced optical thin film coatings customized to customers’ specifications, tailored to improve overall system performance.

  • Multi-layer Broadband AR coatings (BBAR)

  • Beamsplitter coating (metal or dielectric layers)

  • Filter coatings (cut-off and band-pass filters)

  • Rivestimenti per specchi altamente riflettenti (specchi in alluminio, argento e oro protetto, specchi dielettrici, ecc.)

  • High-reflective mirror coatings (Alu, silver and gold protected mirrors, dielectric mirrors)

State of the art tools

Reflectance and Transmittance measurements are done by sophisticated spectrometers from Perkin Elmer Lambda 950 and Shimadzu.

Recently Lobre has invested heavily in its coating department. In 2014 an OPTOTECH OAC75F coating machine was installed (computerized machine for the production of particularly sophisticated evaporative coatings with ION source and CRYO pump with the possibility of creating coatings up to 128 layers).

In 2019 an even more advanced coating machine was added, the OPTOTECH OAC-90F, a computerized PVD evaporative coating machine with PLASMA source, CRYO pump and internal optical monitor. This machine, the only one of its kind in Italy, allows to deposit infinite layers (within physical limits) and base the final result of the coating not on the theoretical one (from a recipe) but each subsequent layer is “adjusted” based on the actual measured value of the previous layer with the internal optical monitor to achieve an even higher degree of precision. The large size of this machine allows to realize high precision coatings on substrates up to 900mm in diameter.

In September 2019 the second cleanroom was completed in the coating department: a total of 75m2 of ISO class 7 cleanroom available for the coating process and for the assembly of optical systems.

We also realize thin-film coating engineering, ie the design and optimization of custom coating recipes, prototyping and optimization of AR treatments, dichroic filters, etc.

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