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Lobre: your best partner for optical development and system manufacturing

The optics field has seen huge developments in the past decade: powerful high-resolution cameras are used every around us, we drive cars that can detect obstacles more quickly than humans can do, we can see objects in space at far more distance than before.

At the same time the optical systems need to boost performance to be able to take benefit from new, better performing image sensors, and compactness of the systems becomes more and more crucial.

The use of new manufacturing techniques an improvement in surface finishing capabilities opens up opportunities to do better and allows to create more innovative, cost-efficient systems.

For these reasons, more and more customers realize to need customized solutions to be able to outpace their competitors.

Lobre has extensive experience in the development of optical systems both for the vision industry and for the illumination field. We have more than 74 years of experience in high-precision optics, and this helps to create cost-efficient, state-of-the-art optical systems that just work.

We do:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Rapid prototyping

  • Reversed engineering

  • Co-development

  • In-house manufacturing of all optical components

  • Mechanical development and engineering

  • In-house manufacturing of all mechanical components

  • Own coating development

  • Own surface coating department

  • Own alignment and assembly department for optical systems

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