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Since more than 20 years Lobre specializes in the realization and commercialization of cost effective, high quality objectives and lenses for a wide range of applications

Most types of objectives can be equipped with an IR CUT filter and some of our lenses and objectives offer a true IR CORRECTION for effective day&night vision without the need to refocus.

The choice of the right objective for each application requires in-depth knowledge about the way the various image sensors are able to capture the information and which requirements are fundamental to make sure that the chosen objective is suitable for that specific application. Aspects like required resolution, CRA (Chief Ray Angle), pixel size, sensor architecture, MOD (Minimum Object Distance), etc. play a fundamental role in the choice of the best solution for each specific application. Our optical engineers help our customers to make best choices

Several main product lines can be found in Lobre’s product portfolio.

Silver line M12 lenses

Top quality s-mount lenses for sensors up to 2/3”. These lenses are compact in size but can meet high performance, with a resolution of up to 10 MPIX. Most lenses are specially developed for meeting the most stringent requirements and deliver the best performance, whilst maintaining a competitive price.

Alpha line c-mount objectives

This line is the entry level of Lobre’s fixed focal c-mount objectives for the vision industry, with an effective focal length from 4 mm up to 75 mm these compact objectives are particularly suited for images sensors from ½” up to 2/3” and reach a resolution between 2 to 5 Mpix.

Penta line c-mount objectives

More complex and better performing fixed focal c-mount objectives can be found in the Penta line c-mount objectives, destined to the vision industry and OEM’s that require high quality and a good resolution for sensors from 2/3” up to 1”. This line has compact objectives with an EFL from 6 mm up to 50 mm, reaching a resolution from 3 to 8 Mpix

Excalibur line c-mount objectives

This line of fixed focal c-mount objectives is fully dedicated to the top level 1“ image sensors with pixel size up to 3,45µ to meet even the most demanding requirements in image quality, reach a resolution up to 12 Mpix.

Diamond line c-mount objectives

This line represents the highest quality of our fixed focal c-mount objectives, specifically designed for the modern 1.1” image sensors. With effective focal lengths of 12 – 16 -25 -50 and 75 mm and resolution of 12Mpix we are sure that this line with a Floating design can meet your most stringent requirements.

Varifocal objectives

Although Lobre recommends in most cases to use fixed focal lenses and objectives, we also offer various varifocal zoom objectives, objectives with motorized iris and even fully motorized zoom lenses.

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