The company as it is today

Founded in Milan during the first half of 1900s, Lobre s.r.l. produces lenses for every kind of application. Over this seventy-year period, the company has continually updated its fleet, keeping abreast of change.

To date, Lobre offers a wide range of optical components, with remarkable productivity flexibility that allows it to be competitive, both in small, medium and high production.

The range of lenses and optical systems goes from a few millimetres to 440 mm in diameter. Lobre presents itself as a reliable and capable supplier, providing both products and services, which also include helping clients with their design decisions and technical choices.


Target zone

Lobre s.r.l. operates mainly in Europe, but its lenses and customised optical systems with their great reliability, are ready to be launched onto markets in the rest of the world.

Indeed, the company makes use of an efficient delivery service that, during its long history, has meant it can export its products to Europe (where it is well-known, especially, in France and Germany).

Now it is ready to take on the world. Deliveries are entrusted to the best and most reliable international freight shippers, ensuring the integrity and speed of the deliveries.

Positive aspects of the company

Lobre s.r.l. has been active in the creation and design of lenses and objectives for over seventy years, and has been able to build a solid reputation by providing its customers with all the experience matured throughout its long career, on a daily basis. Throughout its long history, the company has introduced a considerable number of technologies both in production and quality control, constantly keeping pace with the times, delivering a quality, cutting edge product at a competitive price. This has allowed them to attract and keep numerous loyal customers over time, supplying companies of various sizes and types all in search of a top quality product.







ISO 9001:2015 Certification and Declaration of Conformity

The products designed, manufactured and marketed by Lobre s.r.l. are accompanied by a declaration of conformity to the specifications requested or declared and always stand apart for their high quality in terms of performance, durability and attention to detail. Lobre has been praised for its professionalism down through the years both by old and new clients. Last but not least, in 2004,

Lobre was granted ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certification. The company, however, has never considered certification as a point of arrival, but a stimulus to do better. Management with all its staff is constantly committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and finding new ways and stimulus each day to improve the products and services on offer.

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