The company offers optical mirrors suitable for each application. In specific terms, the mirrors manufactured by Lobre are made of optical glass and rectified with particular accuracy. This kind of product generally falls into two categories:

  • Flat mirrors
  • Spherical mirrors.

Moreover, thanks to the vast experience of its employees, Lobre can produce the following kinds of optical mirrors:

  • Aluminates
  • Aluminated and quartz protected
  • Aluminated and with protection in Magnesium fluoride
  • Silver (99.999% pure silver)
  • Gold (99.999% pure gold)

All mirrors are produced by evaporation in a vacuum chamber.


Lobre s.r.l. manufactures top quality flat optical mirrors. This kind of product is available with custom size. The client will be free to decide on the measurements best suited to his / her needs, bearing in mind that there are very specific construction limits, that is:

  • the maximum diagonal shall be 310 mm
  • the minimum thickness must be 1 mm.

Lobre s.r.l. also carries a series of spherical optical mirrors in its catalogue and ones particularly appreciated by clients. These products are made of glass with either 100% aluminium or semi-transparent glass. The measurements can be customised in line with client’s needs and with only one production restriction, namely:

  • the maximum diagonal must be 250 mm.

The radius of the mirror can be customised, both in the case of that this is concave and in the case it is convex.

Lobre also manufactures optical mirrors produced by electroforming. This procedure allows for the mirror to be formed from the negative of a mould requested by the client. Again, different sizes are available depending on the customer’s needs, with the only restriction being the maximum diameter of 400 mm. The materials used are high quality steels, guaranteeing strong resistance and long life.

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