Lobre currently offers a large and vast range of filters, with remarkable productivity flexibility, allowing them to be competitive, both in medium and large sized production series. There is a vast range of optical filters available in their catalogue and suitable for all requirements: the optical filter is a device capable of partially absorbing the radiations coming from the light (ultraviolet, visible, infrared) and can be based on absorption phenomena, like colour filters.

Athermal filters are particular optical filters transparent to visible radiation, which lower the light beam temperature and prevent the slide from deteriorating or breaking. Infrared filters, on the other hand, are optical filters that block the visible while leaving only the infrared range and are particularly suitable for IR burglar devices.

Following the acquisition of Filtrottica s.r.l. in Milan, Lobre has acquired a vast warehouse of optical filters that satisfy any client request.

Lobre s.r.l. proposes a wide range of paste filters, suitable for every need. These optical filters are commonly used to either reduce or block the passage of light with one or more wavelengths. Product specifications can be customised, taking into account the following restrictions:

  • Maximum thickness 3/4 mm. (depending on the material)
  • Maximum size 165×165 mm

Lobre also has a reasonable selection of dichroic filters in its catalogue: these are particular optical filters obtained from high vacuum deposit. This filter can cut several intervals in the spectral field. Clients can request different sizes, always bearing in mind that there is a factory-set maximum restriction:

  • Maximum dimension 200 mm.

A particular type of optical filter produced by Lobre s.r.l. is the diffusor. In specific terms, they are disks or other forms of glass, processed in order to be heat resistant. The surface is polished with different granulometries in order to increase or decrease the diffusion of light. They are available in several sizes and vary according to the needs of the client.

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