Lobre s.r.l. was founded in Milan in 1946 by the engineer, Simone Marcucci and, since its foundation, has been designing lenses and objectives for different kinds of use. Their catalogue contains everything from the everyday, simple magnifying glass to the most sophisticated microscope lenses and, from fixed lens projection headlamp lenses to optics for high-precision objectives.

The optical system is an assembly of several optical, mechanical and electronic parts that are assembled in an ISO 10,000 white chamber or under a blown hood so as to minimise dust contamination.

Lobre assembles and / or tests all systems ensuring their quality,


Lobre s.r.l. manufactures fixed focus optical lenses: these are products with systems having 3 or more lenses and fixed mounts. These multi lens objectives, being free of moving parts, guarantee a longer lifetime for the mount, not to say unlimited, and improved image quality compared to the optical lens models equipped with the ability to zoom in.

As well as producing its own range of optical lenses with standard measurements, Lobre s.r.l. in Brescia also manufactures a series of objectives custom designed from the client’s specifications. In addition, over the years, the company has implemented an efficient design service, carried out by highly-trained designers whose availability is greatly appreciated by our clients.


Lobre s.r.l. in Brescia also offers a range of optical lenses in its catalogue with variable focuses and equipped with a zoom system. Despite the lifespan of the mounts on these customised optical systems being more limited than fixed-focus, they are more useable because they lend themselves to a greater number of uses. The materials used, even in this case, are of excellent quality and guarantee top performance.

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