From May 2011, the electricity supply is provided mainly by an integrated photovoltaic system (located on the roof of the laboratory).

The photovoltaic system provides about 60 KW of our total requirement of 70KW. The significant savings in energy consumption, as well as its economic benefits, support the company policy of respecting the environment.

Water Cycle

The closed-loop system for cooling water through the use of chillers drastically reduces energy consumption and wastage of drinking water.

Any water contaminated during manufacturing is collected and properly disposed of by a specialist firm.


The use of environmentally friendly materials, such as ecological optical glass, has reduced the generation of hazardous waste, greatly reducing its hazard classification.

Packaging and labelling

We recover and recycle the packaging used by our raw material suppliers as much as possible. When we need to use new packaging, the company aims for recyclable, recycled and biodegradeable materials.

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