The interferometer is a sophisticated tool that allows us to examine both the beam shape and find any aberrations in the shaping of the optical item under inspection. LOBRE invested in this tool, with the aim to further enhance their ability to create optical products of high quality. In fact, the instrument in question has allowed us to analyse the surfaces of the products in great detail and, thanks to this, new measures were adopted in the early stages of finishing of products that will considerably increase the final quality.


used during the various stages of production, with decimal scales used in the early stages of roughing, and finer scales indispensable for the later, finishing, stages of the manufacturing process.


Centesimal scale for checking the shape of inclined planes, prisms and parallelipipeds, prismatic lenses, and generally for angled surfaces and areas.


Supporting digital equipment for digital control machines for the production and finishing of lenses, and mechanical comparators placed on test beds for inspections of dimensions and thickness between the various stages of manufacturing.


Used to check the sphericity and the radius of curvature that is being manufactured, with millesimal precision. These tools have been used in our control systems for about ten years, and have allowed us to significantly increase the level of quality of our workmanship.


Used to check the focus of the finished lens and to compare the foci of multiple lenses.


Used to control the dioptric power of the finished lenses, and also as a comparison tool.

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