Precision industrial optics and mechanisms since 1946

In 1946, the optical laboratory of LOBRE, had found a place in the first months after the end of World War II, on the premises of an old, de-consecrated, suffrage church, located in the town centre, and previously used as a silent movie cinema between the two world wars.

In these rooms, as true pioneers, began the production of lenses and objectives by a group of workers under the guidance of engineer Simone Marcucci.

Young workers who, after having migrated to Milan before the outbreak of World War II to find a job, could return to their home town to continue their work.


In 1966, the optical laboratory found a new site, for a while at least, at new premises in Via Margheriti, where they could continue production in well-equipped surroundings.

With many difficulties, the production of optics, an authentic niche activity in Italy, continued in these premises until 2007, when the company decided to revamp all its assets by building a new home of 1800 square meters, resulting in significant benefits in terms of organization and production.


Today LOBRE, offers a wide and important range of optical products, with considerable production flexibility, allowing it to be competitive in both the media and in micro production.

Production ranges from lenses and optical systems from a few millimetres in diameter, right up to 440mm diameter.

LOBRE offers itself as a reliable and competent supplier, providing services, while also helping clients with their design decisions and technical choices.

LOBRE offers qualified personnel to help you find the best solutions to your needs.

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