Founded in Milan on 17 May 1946 by the engineer, Simone Marcucci, Lobre is based in Lombardy and produces lenses for various industrial uses. Over the last sixty years, the company has continually updated its catalogue, keeping pace with technology. Currently, Lobre offers a large and impressive range of filters, lenses, objectives and various optical systems, with a remarkable productivity flexibility that allows it to be competitive, both in large and small series production.

The range of optical systems extends from a few millimetres in diameter to those with a 440 mm diameter. Therefore, Lobre aims to be a reliable and capable supplier, providing services, such as customer support in design decisions and technical choice, to name but a few.

Aspheric lenses appeared at the end of the 15th century in England, and were seen as a solution to the optical aberrations produced by spherical lenses. Their use can reduce the number of lenses required in a system, making it lighter and smaller. The surface can follow an elliptical, hyperbolic or parabolic curve, or follow a mathematical function whose coefficients can be customised.

Lobre s.r.l. is committed to providing aspherical lenses in semi-optical or plastic material. This definition refers to the lenses for lighting or “eye” vision, the materials used are: B270, Borosilicate, PMMA and optical Polyurethane.

Lobre s.r.l. in Brescia supplies aspherical lenses in optical glass for industrial use, used for projector lens construction. The models have the following features:

  • Surface quality up to 10-5 (MIL Standards)
  • Centring up to 30 arcsec
  • Single or multi-layer anti-glare treatment (on request)
  • Design service (available on request)
  • Preferred working wavelength (from 250 nm to 1600 nm)

The materials used are normally:

  • Ohara optical glass
  • CDGM optical glass
  • Schott optical glasses
  • Quartz

Field of application:

  • Optical measuring systems
  • 2D and 3D video camera for digital or film sensors
  • Laser Systems
  • Car
  • Aerospace

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